Anne Marie Stuth

Beth Sauer was highly recommended to us and we would like to pass that favor along to you. Working with Beth Sauer and her team was the best decision we made when we began house hunting. Beth has the knowledge,experience and passion to help you maneuver the housing market and preparation for purchasing. Beth and her team helped us hone in on our wants with our new home, but also made us comfortable to think outside the box while searching. We didn’t make home searching easy on them either, my husband was working in China during that time, between the 12 hour difference in time, paperwork, details, conversations and signing, there were times it was very challenging, but Beth and her team took it all in stride and remained calm, positive, compassionate and professional! Whether your a first time home buyer or been down this road a few times, you will be so happy you chose Beth Sauer and her team to go through this process with.

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