Top 5 Tech Updates for Your Home

As technology continues to evolve, so do our homes. From smart televisions to smart thermostats, high-tech houses are becoming the norm. The traditional household items and appliances are being replaced by modern devices that also fit perfectly within a home’s overall design. Here are the five high-tech home trends that you need to know about in 2019: 

The Rollable TV

A rollable television? What does that even mean? Well, LG has developed a thin television that can roll up and blend into your living space when it’s not being used. It functions like a projector but with crystal clear digital screen. When you turn the TV on, a small door opens and the screen slowly rises to its full height in a few seconds. When you’re done watching TV, the entire screen rolls back into its stand and serves as just a contemporary piece of furniture. This new TV would be a smart, sleek and stylish addition to any room. It’s expected to be available for sale during the second half of 2019. 

Smart home assistants get a makeover

Your Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant is getting a makeover. Companies like Mui have created the smart block, which serves as your discreet smart home assistant. Made of wood, Mui, will mesh your smart home assistant  into your interior design. Same smart speaker, but new modern design. Yes, it will still give homeowners control over music, lighting, thermostats and more through voice controls but no more unsightly white or black boxes. The Mui is designed to integrate and disappear redesigning the speaker as a piece of art.

Charge your phone with a picture frame

Wireless charging devices aren’t always the most aesthetically pleasing. Fortunately, a company called Twelve South has turned the traditional picture frame into a functional product. Twelve South’s PowerPic has a hidden Qi charger that can provide up to 10 watts of fast charging power. It works with some phone cases and is the perfect addition to your nightstand if you tend to charge your phone overnight. 

Lighting that sets the mood

Phillips Hue has developed a smart lighting system that makes it easy to quickly create the ambiance you’re looking for. They offer a variety of energy-efficient LED bulbs that can fit your space perfectly. Plus, their control panel and app makes changing the mood fast and convenient. 

Smart mirror, smart mirror on the wall

While this mirror might not talk to you, it comes pretty close. Capstone Connected Home has created a smart mirror that has Google Assistant built into it. How does this magic occur? The mirror is paired to a small tablet via Bluetooth and displays content from the tablet onto the mirror’s screen. It’s a touch screen too! You can now read emails or catch up on the news while brushing your teeth or doing your hair. Obviously, you can still see your own reflection too.

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