Take Stock to Reduce Holiday Stress

It’s holiday season and for many, that means endless entertaining on demand. Whether its guests dropping in because they’re in town, or overnight guests staying in your spare bedroom, it’s best to be prepared. The last thing you want to do is start making breakfast and discover you’re out of salt! No kitchen should be without the basics. Some items are so integral to putting together a meal that they’re called “pantry staples.” Regardless of whether you have an actual walk-in pantry or not, having these staples on hand will making cooking easy. 
Consider this your quarterly shopping list. All items are shelf-stable so you don’t have to buy them often, but you should restock as necessary. And, don’t think because you’re not Julia Child you don’t need these items. Whether you eat carry out every other night or cook for a family of four, everyone needs these pantry staples.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil  Safflower oil  Vegetable oil 

Avocado oil  Sesame seed oil  White wine vinegar

Balsamic vinegar  Apple cider vinegar  Worcestershire sauce 

Fish Sauce  Low-sodium soy sauce  Dijon mustard

Honey  Maple syrup  Peanut butter   Sriracha  Tabasco sauce


Kidney beans  Black beans  Cannelloni beans 

Baked beans  Garbanzo beans  Peas 

Pinto   Coconut milk  Diced tomatoes 

Tomato sauce  Chipotle peppers  Tuna 

Salmon  Chicken noodle soup


Sea salt  Himalayan salt  Kosher salt  Black pepper 

White pepper  Paprika   Garlic powder  Onion powder

Cinnamon  Nutmeg  Cumin  Turmeric  Oregano  Basil 

Red chili flakes  Pure vanilla extract


Couscous  Quinoa  Rice  Jasmine rice  Wild rice  Brown rice

Angel hair pasta  Macaroni  Linguini  Rotini 

Steel cut oatmeal  Rolled oats  Panko bread crumbs 

Dried cranberries  Raisins  Dried apricots  Chocolate chips


  Your favorite milk   substitute – soy milk,   almond milk, oat milk

Chicken bone broth  Diced tomatoes  Mushroom stock

Anchovy paste in a tube    Tomato paste in a tube 

Dried mushrooms  Crackers

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